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Confusing Words: Get (#9), by Dennis Oliver

Confusing Words:
Get (#9)

Idioms with Get (#1)

Get is also challenging because it's used in many
idiomatic expressions--particularly phrasal verbs
and verb + preposition combinations.

Here's one group:

get along: manage (especially with finances)

I don't know how Bill is getting along
since he lost his job.

get along: leave; be on one's way.

Look at the time! I'd better be
getting along!

get along (with): have a polite / friendly relationship
(with someone)

No, I didn't invite Jerry to the party.
He and I don't get along.

Sarah gets along with her co-workers
very well.

get around to: finally do something; do something
after delaying it

It's late. When are you going to get
around to your homework?

I'm really tired. I didn't get around to
doing my homework until 3:00 AM.

get away: escape; take time off from one's normal
routine or surroundings

The police didn't catch the bank robbers.
They got away.

I'm going out of town for the weekend.
I really need to get away for a while.

get away with: do something that usually results
in blame or negative consequences, but escape the
blame or the negative consequences

How did Bob get away with cheating
on his exam? Didn't anyone see him?

get back: return

I know you're leaving on Thursday.
When will you get back?

get back at (someone): take revenge on someone

Judy was very angry because her
boyfriend forgot about their date.
She got back at him by refusing
to take his phone calls.

get back to (someone): contact someone again;
respond to a message

Thanks for the call, Jane, but I'm
really busy and can't talk just now.
I'll get back to you in about 15 minutes.

get by: manage / survive under difficult circumstances

Yes, Bob and his wife have been
having a hard time since he lost his job,
but they'll get by.




Special Note:


Notice that when a verb is used with get around to,
the verb is an -ing form:

I didn't get around to doing my
homework until 3:00 AM.

When are you going to get around to
cleaning your room?

We didn't get around to finishing the
report today, but we'll do it tomorrow
for sure.

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