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Confusing Words: Get (#6), by Dennis Oliver

Confusing Words:
Get (#6)

In addition to meaning "receive,""become," "understand"
(in casual conversation), "answer" or "respond to" a ringing
phone or someone who's at the door, and "buy," get can
also mean retrieve something (and, often, to bring or
take it or them to another place or person):

The letter carrier just delivered the mail.
Can you get it?

I think I left my keys in the car.
I'd better get them.

Get your coat. We're ready to leave.

I think I left my glasses on the kitchen table.
Would you please get them for me?

Jimmy, you left your bike in the driveway.
Please get it before your father comes home.

The rest of the groceries are in the car.
Can you get them?

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