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Confusing Words: Get (#3), by Dennis Oliver


Confusing Words:


Two common meanings for get are "receive" and
"become." A third meaning (an informal, idiomatic
one used mostly in casual conversation) is understand.


Question #36 is confusing. Do you get it?

Thanks for explaining question #36. I get it now.

I don't get it. Why do we have to be there
45 minutes early?

This tape isn't very clear, but if you listen carefully,
you'll get it.

I know you thought Bob's joke was funny,
but I didn't get it.




Special Note:

Get is also common in the informal question Get it?
This question is a shortened form of Do you get it?
and means "Do you understand?"

A common affirmative ( + ) answer for Get it?
is Got it! Here, "Got it" is also a shortened form--
for I've got it ( = 'I have it' = 'I understand').

The negative answer "Get it?" is "No, I don't" or
"No, I don't get it."

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