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Re: honest review

Posted By: GambateBingBangBOOM
Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019, at 6:37 p.m.

In Response To: honest review (peter)

Is there anywhere teachers can post HONEST reviews about a TEFL course they have taken so as to warn others of shady companies who teach you little despite their glowing and obviously fake reviews. Clearly the more you pay just pays for their advertising.

Maybe Reddit?

If you are already fluent in French (for example), it takes a minimum of one-year (two academic terms) to do teacher training. Same with other subjects. (It may be TWO full years in some provinces / states / countries)

It ALSO takes a minimum of one-year (full time) to do a masters degree in language teaching- which is usually the first actual university training people have in this area (it is therefore an initial teacher-training type of program). It may be TWO full-time years at some schools, depending on how many classes you take a term.

In both of these cases, this is professional training to be a professional teacher.

A TESOL certificate from a private career-training company is training you to teach beginning level at language schools. This kind of qualification may be required (is often / usually required) but the training falls short of a masters or a PGCE. It's not supposed to be equivalent to one of those types of qualifications. It's supposed to be enough to allow you to get your feet wet (both in the kind of thing you study and the kind of position/ job you get after finishing) before deciding if you want to do a university program in it and progress in your career. MOST people don't go on to do a graduate degree in language teaching- they teach overseas for a few years, and then go to their home country and work in another area. They often go to places like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan and work in language schools or as assistant language teachers in the k12 system. So they don't actually require all that much training. In previous years, they needed none- just any undergraduate degree. Now they often need some training, but the employer may only really be asking for the training to cut down on the number of applicants. And so these quick certificates are filling a "need" in the market (that they actually created just by existing), and that leads to the difficulty in finding out much about these private quick certificates. Brand name recognition becomes important (CELTA wins). People can give these certificate providers their money, and get an entry level job. Then they do their own research, and decide whether to go to university and do a degree in the area.

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