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Re: Additional certifications past a M.Ed?

Posted By: nomad soul
Date: Tuesday, 1 August 2017, at 3:42 p.m.

In Response To: Additional certifications past a M.Ed? (Tom)

I am currently finishing up a Masters of Education in Special Education, General Curriculum K-12, and obtaining a state teaching license. I will have at least 2 full years of professional classroom teaching experience before leaving the U.S. This includes diagnostic and teaching of language and reading skills to students of varying age groups, backgrounds, disabilities, etc.

My ultimate question here is if additional certifications will be warranted for advancing an ESL teaching career abroad on top of what I already have?

While I initially believed a DELTA would be worthwhile, most of the skills it seems to teach in modules 1 and 2 are things I have already learned. While my realm is not specific to language development, it is still an area of heavy focus with required courses in reading diagnostics and teaching literacy fluency. Additionally, I have also passed state licensing tests specific to teaching methodology, promoting fluency and retention, and diagnostics of language development. My primary job is to find and implement new ways of teaching content to students at a classroom level based on their varying needs, while also incorporating other sources of engagement to promote retention, maintenance, and generalization of skills. This is something the DELTA also seems to have a heavy focus on, “How to teach.”

I could go on and on but I think best way to summarize it is my entire time in special education has been focused on how to teach, by modifying and implementing different pedagogical methodologies. I would just be adapting what I have already learned specifically to teaching ESL. This is why I am confused on what additional certifications/endorsements I should pursue. Is it worth doing an expensive certification for something I already have a good understanding of just for the piece of paper? Or are there other endorsements available past the CELTA/DELTA I’m not aware of that might be more worthwhile?

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Although you have some language development experience, the Delta is mainly targeted to someone with several years of specific ESOL teaching experience under their belt.

That said, consider long and hard about teaching ESL/EFL. Plus, be aware some cultures have a negative perception about people with disabilities. Those stigmas exist. As such, your degree in special ed may be a tough sell (or insulting) to universities and schools expecting a teacher with a TESOL-related degree and background for their general, English-learning student population.

You're better off getting an ELL-related endorsement as an add-on and applying to top IB or America-curriculum international schools abroad as a US licensed and experienced k-12 special ed teacher. That's where the need is --- more than the seemingly saturated TESOL market. (Google 'jobs international schools special education' for an idea of where you could teach.) It would give you the flexibility to teach young ESL learners and native English speakers -- both in a special needs situation.

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