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Dave's ESL Cafe's Teacher Training Forum

Re: Teaching English Abroad

Posted By: spiral78
Date: Saturday, 6 July 2013, at 3:30 a.m.

In Response To: Teaching English Abroad (Kristin)

"I am frustrated with all the research I have been doing to get certified in ESL and feel like no matter what blog I read, there are contradictory posts. "

Much of the contradictory information out there is due to the intentions of the person or organization giving the advice. A cert course provider will naturally paint the rosiest possible picture of what's out there for a prospective trainee. One value of Dave's is that most of us aren't training course providers.

"First off, I am an 33 year old American. I hold two BS degrees in Accounting and Finance. I have zero experience teaching. I am thinking about leaving my job to get certified. I'm not sure whether this would be a permanent move or a break for a few years.

My issues are:
1. Is it worthwhile to pursue an online TEFOL certificate to see if I like it?
2. If I do like it then quit my job to get CELTA certified. "

This depends. Online certs just aren't accepted as baseline qualifications in many parts of the world (Western and Central Europe included; more on that later). Supervised teaching practice with actual students is the key component. Also, CELTA is an entry-level qualification; not anything more.

"I've read good and bad about the CELTA certification. Also, I read a few posts that Americans can't teach in Europe. Is that true? I don't have anywhere in particular that I do or do not want to go. Of course Spain is top (but who doesn't love it there). I recently traveled to Istanbul and loved it too. Not sure if I am omitting any necessary information."

CELTA is easily recognized by employers everywhere, though there are equivalents that also work. So far as Europe, Western Europe including Spain aren't legal options for US passport holders - these countries have agreements on 'hiring EU citizens first' and there are just plenty of UK teachers who want to go there. Central Europe (Czech Rep, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, etc) IS legally do-able. As is Turkey.

You might also consider getting certified in the country where you want to start - there are quite a few benefits to doing that.

Suggest you move over to the Job Discussion Board, where there are country-specific forums, and you can find out what certification requirements are for places you might like to go.

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nomad soul -- Saturday, 6 July 2013, at 2:57 a.m.

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