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Re: online tefl?

Posted By: nomad soul
Date: Tuesday, 25 June 2013, at 3:13 p.m.

In Response To: online tefl? (Tony Parsons)

Currently looking for a tefl online school and ittp tefl looks good. Anyone done the course? They have a damning post on their blog currently which seems to suggest a lot of the information on forums is weighted. Does anyone have any comments as I am wanting to do a tefl course online and trying to wade through all the conflicting info i've found on forums such as this one.

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Your label of "damning" is fitting for that blog post; it's odd that a business would put that much energy into defending their products. The post portrays an extreme point of view from those who are apparently perceived as dismissive of all online TEFL certs. It does not take into consideration that those of us, myself included, don't always condemn online certs---they have some value (emphasis on 'some'). However, if an ESL Cafe poster asks about the best TEFL qualification that would make them highly-marketable the world over, my response is to steer them clear of online certs and into the branded certs like CELTA and SIT TESOL instead.

Anyway, here's my additional 2-cent's worth about the blog post and online certs in general: Be wary of a TEFL course provider's use of the terms "internationally recognized." Pretty much all course providers use it ad nauseam as a sales pitch. Frankly, if an overseas employer has never heard of a particular TEFL cert brand, such as ITTP, then it's obviously not internationally recognized. However, brands like CELTA, Delta, SIT TESOL, and Trinity CertTESOL are well known because they're viewed as the standard in entry-level teacher-training qualifications.

From the blog: "There is huge worldwide demand for teachers of English and all that is required for a position as teacher in this industry is a TEFL certificate. ANY type of TEFL certificate will do..." This statement is careless. Although some employers just want proof that you've completed some sort of TEFL training, that won't cut it for others. For example, you'll see some job postings state a "CELTA or equivalent TEFL cert" is required; other ads clearly indicate that online TEFL certs are unacceptable. Then there's this statement from the blog: "Schools hardly ever ask if your TEFL course was taken online or residentially." You better hope they don't ask about your TEFL cert. But if they do, it must be important to them, which means you may have just lost your chance at the position. So much for "any type of TEFL cert will do..."

Yes, there are still employers who don't give a hoot if you don't have a TEFL cert, while others are fine with one obtained online. However, you limit where you can teach because 1) online TEFL certs are not accepted world-wide; and 2) you won't be able to compete for the better teaching jobs if you plan to make TEFL your career. Moreover, there's no guarantee that down the road, your employer won't do a 180 and require you to get a CELTA or equivalent TEFL cert as a condition of your continuing employment. Situation #2 happened to one of my friends who was teaching in Asia and lost out on a good-paying position in another country. She ended up spending additional money to get properly certified and eventually got a better teaching job elsewhere. Another friend who teaches in a foundation year program in Saudi Arabia was given an ultimatum to get a CELTA, otherwise, her contract would not be renewed. She wasn't the only teacher scrambling to take the course. Anyway, that's the reality.

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