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Re: University teaching expernce; linguistics trai

Posted By: nomad soul
Date: Friday, 21 June 2013, at 11:01 a.m.

In Response To: Re: University teaching expernce; linguistics trai (amymidwest)

I like travelling and like the idea of learning another language. I have been looking a lot on this site and for someone like me who has university teaching experience who can stress second language teaching to see what opportunities are out there. I have found lots of related and helpful information, but I could use some help to set me off in some direction. Now I am posting again with a more direct question:

What kind of university teaching or adult teaching opportunities are reasonable or even reachable for me? To reiterate: I have a B.A. (not in English), taught adults for 4 years, some volunteer ESL teaching experience, and I have training in second language acquisition.

I am flexible on countries, but would prefer it not be really cold and I need access to nature for my peace of mind, (and there are factors of countries that through what I read on messages seem unfriendly or hostile toward outsiders which really scares me, like what I'm sensing with Korea and China -- but I can rule places out based on this later).

I know nothing is perfect, but I just want to be able to save some money, teach people who are interested in learning, and work in a supported and trustworthy environment. I can get CELTA, too, but I want to get an idea of country opportunities first so I can take CELTA in the region to be able to launch job search more easily.

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So often, those contemplating teaching EFL head straight to the forums with their questions about where in this huge world to teach. Those of us responding have to make assumptions and fill in the blanks to come up with an idea of what we think the poster wants to do---to fill their wish list. In essence, we end up trying to do the work they could do much better themselves.

My 2-cent's worth: Don't wait for us to try and figure out what you want---we don't know your personality, likes/dislikes, fears, desired earnings, spending habits, levels of cultural tolerance and adventure, must-haves, etc. After all, this is a major decision that affects you and not us.

So here's what I suggest you do:

1) Be proactive. Start your own search by looking at regions where you can legally teach, and then narrow it down to countries based on your personal criteria. (Travel sites like Lonely Planet, Virtual Tourist, and Trip Advisor can be very informative about a country's culture, people, living conditions, and so on.)

2) Then check out the jobs on the ESL Cafe and on TEFL employment sites (do an Internet search on TEFL jobs in each of your desired countries) and see what positions you're generally (and realistically) qualified for. In other words, you may find your quals are too minimal to teach English at the tertiary level in certain countries. Note: Do not factor in your ESL volunteer work nor your four years' Spanish teaching experience with adult learners---be transparent (and honest with yourself) about your qualifications and experience as a new EFL teacher.

3) Using the Cafe's country-specific jobs discussion forum, seek advice and info about the recruiters/employers in those ads that caught your eye as well as teaching and work/life in general. Anyway, once you feel everything checks out and you're satisfied you can handle a move abroad, consult the CELTA or SIT TESOL websites for locations, course dates, and support services in your target country and then make your plans to head overseas for your training and job hunt. You may or may not get a position with a particular employer, but you'll have a better sense of who you can work for and where you feel you can comfortably work.

Good luck!

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