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Re: How well regarded is TEFL-Institute.com?

Posted By: Nicole <>
Date: Thursday, 28 March 2013, at 8:16 a.m.

In Response To: How well regarded is TEFL-Institute.com? (Holly K. Ernst)

I don’t recommend this course. I had a TEFL advisor who pushed me into paying for the course early, because there were “already almost 10 students signed up” for the onsite course and if I wanted to get into the course with 2 others, I needed to pay for it in Jan. When I got to the onsite course there were only 2 other people there i.e. we were nowhere near capacity. If I had waited until Feb, as planned, I would have gotten the course at a discounted rate. I was told by another student in the LA course that this also happened to her, so I guess this is a tactic they use to get you to sign up early. My advisor also told me that we had to buy the course book. Luckily I was the only one who bought it, because all of the reading was free online (and ironically, riddled with errors.) To me it was obvious that instead of trying to help me, this woman was just trying to sell me as much as she could. I brought my complaints to TEFL Institute and they said they were looking into these things, but that was three weeks ago. She finally said that she was sorry for my troubles, but didn’t take any action that lead me to believe that she actually cared.
As for the instructor, he may have been knowledgeable, but his lack of participation in the course didn’t demonstrate what his impressive resume did. I was not impressed by his feedback nor the tardiness with which it was given. In the final week of the course, I only had grades on 3/15 assignments. When he finally started grading our assignments, some comments were as simple as a “Yup” or a “3 pointer no net.” Other lesson plans were not given any comments just an arbitrary grade.
There was a definite lack of leadership. It seemed as if there was no instructor and I got more out of hearing from other students, since he was never around. This very instructor also didn’t show up to the Chicago onsite course for two days and no one was able to get a hold of him. The students in the online course were aware and a lot of us thought that something terrible must have happened to the instructor since he hadn’t been online or graded any assignments in over a week either. I called student services to see what would happen to the course. A woman told me that the instructor was being replaced, but she would email later to let me know for sure. She didn’t. Eventually, the instructor came back online as if nothing had happened and didn’t offer any explanations for his absence. I eventually stopped asking him questions, because for the most part, students never received answers or the instructor couldn’t answer them.
This led me to contact Student Services which was awful. They hardly ever answer the phone and when they do, they don t get back to you or answer any of your questions in a timely manner. Most of the time I was shuffled around to others, who then took a long amount of time to get back to me. Since the online portion of the course was so unorganized (nothing on the calendar, due dates never specified and an instructor who was never online and had no knowledge of the workings of TEFL Institute), it was necessary to contact Student Services more than once. I was told by other students that they had the same experience.
Thanks to my on-site instructor, I got a lot out of this course, however she is not a regular instructor with TEFL Institute. The idea of TEFL Institute is great, but the reality was not as great and the only great parts were dependent upon chance. I had 5 amazing days with an incredible onsite instructor, but 5 weeks of uncertainty, disorganization and basically no online instructor.

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