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Re: How well regarded is

Posted By: spiral78
Date: Monday, 22 August 2011, at 5:25 a.m.

In Response To: How well regarded is (Holly K. Ernst)

"I ran across the TEFL Institute's website recently, and I read their claim that they WILL place a teacher for free if a T signs up for one of their courses. I want to brush up on my skills anyway since I haven't taught since last September. They even say they could place an American, such as myself, in Europe, a continent which I've avoided due to all the "EU National preferred warnings." I don't want to get suckered into a scam, however. I've been advised by them to take a teaching business English course since I already have a TESL/TEFL certificate. I'm OK with that, and, as far as I can tell anyway, they're not particularly expensive (not like the "volunteer" placement programs which typically cost $2K or more). So does anyone know about this organization? I'll read all your feedback, pro or con. Thanks much,
Holly K. Ernst"

NO, they cannot get you a legal job in Western Europe. It's not just that 'EU nationals are preferred,' it is national law that English teaching is limited to EU member citizens.
If you go to Dave's Job Discussion forum, and read through some of the country-specific boards there, you will find lots of information direct from people living and working in the country and/or region.

Their website is seriously misleading on this issue. They also state that 'Central and Eastern European schools hire from abroad.' This is also factually untrue - it is very rare to find a job from abroad in the highly competitive markets in the Czech Rep, Poland, and etc (where Americans can get legal work permits, though it's a hassle). Again, more info on the Job Discussion Board, country-specific forums.

Their 'placement' program consists of giving you lists of schools to contact - they are not really going to find you a job (read the fine print). I think their website is very misleading, and would not waste time or money on this.

Sorry it's bad news, but the website really made me quite angry - it is simply misleading would-be teachers to part with their money.

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